Peter O’Toole, the Excellency Award of Comedy Cluj International Film Festival 2015, in memoriam

Premiul de Ecelență Peter O'Toole

For the first time in the festival history, the award was given to a foreign actor as the organizers wanted to show even more that the festival is truly international. The award was accepted, in a very emotional moment, by the actor’s daughter, Kate O’Toole, also a member of the 7th edition jury.


Obywatel/The Citizen, directed by the polish director Jerzy Stuhr, the big winner of Comedy Cluj 2015

Marele câștigător al Comedy Cluj 2015

The film won the trophies for Best Film and Best Script. The jury’s decision was unanimous and motivated by the fact that the film is very ambitious, with a well structured script and a very strong message, even if it is presented as a comedy.


Over 2000 short films submitted for Comedy Cluj 2015 competition

Peste 2000 de filme de scurt metraj

Independent producers all over the world sent 2000 short films to be the selection department to be presented to the public in 11 different sections, and 12 shorts have entered the competition for a Comedy Cluj award. In the end *Who’s Up? *(France) has been awarded with the prize for Best Independent Short Film, and *Chinese Treachery (*UK) received the award for Best Student Short Film. The Short Film Jury also decided to offer the film *The Taste* a special mention in the final Gala.