Edinborg Cultural Centre” operates since 2002 in Ísafjörður, Iceland, with the aim of promoting local art and culture and presenting cultural and artistic performances of other areas or regions to the local community.

Centrul Cultural Edinborg

The centre aims to support the development of young artists, giving them the opportunity to present their work, to interact and relate in a cultural environment. The main activities of the centre include organising performances, festivals, art galleries, and concerts. Edinborg Cultural Centre cooperates with the local theatre troupe, the performing arts school (music and dance), and the local artists’ club, and in the future intends to develop and maintain national and international partnerships to undertake various cultural and artistic activities.

Every year, the Edinborg Cultural Centre organises a series of cultural projects such as the “Children and Books” festival, dance performances, six distinct concerts, and ten art galleries. In 2014, the first edition of the Youth Arts Festival will take place, including various artistic performances presented by young people aged 16 to 30 years.

Edinborg Cultural Centre contributes to the development of relations between cultural operators in the region and contributes significantly to promoting culture and art to the wider public.