The mentoring program whitin the project Binding Europe through cinema and dance will involve 10 young-professionals both Romanian and Icelandic in a unique and complex mentoring program. Young professionals will have the opportunity to learn through active participation in organizing cultural events with mentors from Romania and Iceland.

Program de mentorat in management cultural

The mentoring program aims to develop the needed skills in cultural managementfor 10 young professionals from Romania and Iceland,to raise awareness of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue between professionals and strengthen future professionals.

The European Foundation for Urban Culture in Cluj-Napoca invites applications for the Mentoring program in cultural management developed as part of the “Binding Europe through Cinema and Dance” project. As part of this program, we aim at developing the cultural management skills of 10 young professionals from Romania (6 participants) and Iceland (4 participants).


The Mentoring program in cultural management will provide you with the unique opportunity to gain more training and deeper vision in the field of the cultural management. During the project, participants will have the opportunity to meet their counterparts in Romania and Iceland and thus enrich their experience and views on cultural management activities. You will have the opportunity to meet participants with different backgrounds and experiences as well as professional artists. Another aim of this project is that of creating the context and opportunity for the development of an international cultural management network.

Participation in this project also implies one trip to Iceland in September-October 2015 (3 participants) and January 2016, respectively (3 participants) All related expenses will be covered by the European Foundation for Urban Culture through the “Binding Europe through Cinema and Dance” project.

For more details about the project or any enquiries you might have, please e-mail us at the following e-mail address:

The “Binding Europe through Cinema and Dance” project is financed through EEA Grants.


  • young people with a background in arts and or cultural management and strong interest in becoming involved in cultural management activities;
  • good level of both written and spoken English;
  • good interpersonal skills;
  • enjoys working in teams and building relationships for the future;

*The project strongly encourages applications from participants belonging to national minorities (eg. Hungarian, German, Rroma etc.)

Key words: Creativity, co-operation, previous experience, open mind, building up for the future, knowledge of arts

Application process

– CV in English emphasising your arts education/background and/or cultural management experience, and/or involvement in the organisation of various arts/cultural projects, organisations etc.

– Letter of motivation in English detailing your interest in cultural management and plans for using the knowledge acquired through this programme in the future.

– Kindly answer the following 3 questions:

  1. Please describe below your plans for using the knowledge in cultural management gained during this project in the future. (you may refer to: cultural management activities you plan to undertake; the development of new connections/national and/or international projects/partnerships in this area or any other aspect you consider relevant)
  2. How do you prefer to work on a project? In a group or individually?
  3. Why do you think cultural management is important?

Please send your CV, letter of motivation and the answer to the 3 questions to: until 7 April 2015, in one e-mail with the following subject: Application for Cultural Management Mentoring Program.

Successful candidates will be announced by 14 April 2015 on the project website

You can download the PDF version here